Body Treatments

At the Relaxology Room we offer several body treatments using our favourite Neal’s Yard Remedies products and/or bespoke aromatherapy blends for when you need something tailored especially for you.

Beauty Sleep Twilight Treat

For tired minds and body this treatment aims to relax your mind and nourish and hydrate your skin as its lulls you into a deep sense of tranquillity preparing you for a natural night’s sleep.  It includes a back cleanse, tone and exfoliating treatment followed by a luxurious soothing body moisturise. Leading into a facial cleanse, tone and pressure point massage with serum application and hypnotic scalp massage.

£40 for 70 minutes, 60minutes treatment plus time to reflect and change.


Detox & Cellulite Reduction 

90% of women have cellulite which is often blamed on poor diet, lack of exercise, hormonal changes and poor circulation.

This treatment aids detoxing and reduces cellulite by increasing the blood and lymph circulation and breaking down the subcutaneous fat ‘orange peel’ creating a smoother appearance and cleansing the body of toxins. It can help with weight loss when taken as a course in conjunction with other lifestyle changes.

Includes body brushing, body scrub to the legs and back, dry massage, massage with oil and lymphatic drainage massage.

It is important to consider having a course of treatments as it will have a greater benefit.

60 minute treatment

Body Boost 

For when your body has lost its radiance and needs a little boost. This treatment aims to rejuvenate your skin by increasing circulation through body brushing, exfoliation and a gentle moisturise to hydrate your skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and clean and you feeling relaxed.

60 minute treatment

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