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Holistic Facial 

At The Relaxology Room we use Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) products for all of our facial treatments. Occasionally I may use essential oils from another source to ensure I have the full range.

Classic Facial – Includes a cleanse, tone, massage & mask or exfoliate and mask, then eye and lip treatment and moisturising using beautiful organic NYR products

30 minute treatment                                                                                                              £25

Holistic Organic Facial – Includes all of the above plus steam and a face, neck and shoulder massage

55 minute treatment                                                                                                              £35

Age Defying Frankincense Intense Facial

55 minute treatment                                                                                                              £40

Natural Facelift Treatment

The natural way to lift and smooth your face. This 30 minute treatment smoothes, tones, massages and lifts the face and neck area. Great on its own, or as an addition to one of the facial treatments.

£25 for 30 minute treatment or £15 if added to a facial

Course of four costing £90



During this treatment I will work on your feet and will apply pressure to specific points on your feet which will correspond to the organs or areas of your body to rebalance them and aid relaxation.

50 min treatment including mini foot spa                                                                         £30

Facial Reflexology

Available in January 2018 (£35)

Reflexology for Fertility (And supporting female and male reproductive related conditions)

Initial consultation for

One partner                                                                                                                            £35

Both partners                                                                                                                         £45


One person 50-60 mins                                                                                                        £35

Both Partners 2x 50-60 mins                                                                                               £55

*Partners do not need to attend together.

Reflexology – Supporting Maternity/Labour

Reflexology during pregnancy can help the mother to be to relax, aid natural sleep and reduce stress and tension. It is safe throughout pregnancy and can help relieve a number of symptoms by balancing the key systems and support systems of the body.

50-60 minute treatment                                                                                                       £32

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Reflex lymph drainage is an alternative type of reflexology which focuses on the lymphatic system releasing blockages and improving sluggish circulation.

60 minute treatment                                                                                                             £35

Chinese Foot Massage

Chinese foot massage aims, through vigorous and deep massage of the reflexes to open up the body’s meridian channels, remove the qi, and bring back vitality into the reflexes.

50 minutes                                                                                                                              £30


Full Body Aromatherapy

This is a gentle and soothing massage using a bespoke blend of aromatherapy essential oils that are tailored to meet your needs and mood, pressure can be adjusted.

70 minute appointment                                                                                                        £40

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy

Using gently relaxing massage this is a full body treatment which focuses on the use of essential oils to help alleviate and balance the strains and stresses experienced during pregnancy whilst ensuring the ultimate comfort of mother to be and her baby.

70 minute appointment                                                                                                        £40

Aromatherapy for Menopause

Using gently relaxing massage this is a full body treatment which focuses on the use of essential oils to help alleviate and balance the symptoms of menopause experienced by 85% of women. It is holistic in its approach and helps to rebalance the symptoms.

70 minute appointment                                                                                                        £40

Aromatherapy for Digestion

This treatment focuses on the abdomen, aiming to help improve digestion through gentle, deep massage using therapeutic essential oils that target digestion and bowel related conditions, it includes a blend on oils for home use.

£25 for 45 minutes

Course of 4 £90


Hopi ear candling

Hopi ear candling is a gentle treatment using Biosun candles that work like a chimney drawing impurities to the surface. It may help a wide range of disorders in the ears/sinuses and has a calming effect.

£25 for 45 minutes

Course of 4 £90


Holistic Organic Facial and Reflexology

The perfect way to spend a couple of hours in our warm, relaxing haven giving you time to reflect. Our holistic organic facial is a real must accompanied by a full body aromatherapy treatment.

105 minute treatment                                                                                                           £60

Holistic Organic Facial and Aromatherapy

This specially created package will leave you feeling amazingly relaxed. Starting with a mini foot spa you will first experience our holistic organic facial and a neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage. I then move down to your feet gently warming them before using my thumbs and fingers to walk your feet using gentle pressure points to cleanse and rebalance your body.

110 minute treatment                                                                                                           £70

Aromatherapy and Reflexology

The ultimate in holistic treatments. Starting with a bespoke blend of essential oils made especially for you and with your input. The oils are gently massaged into your body, giving a deep sense of relaxation. This treatment includes a facial cleanse and massage. Then when you are totally relaxed I move down to your feet and gently warm them before using my thumbs and fingers to walk your feet using gentle pressure points to rebalance your body and help cleanse it.

105 minute treatment                                                                                                           £65

The Ultimate Head to Toe Experience

Everything all rolled into one, includes a full Holistic Organic Facial, a full body Aromatherapy Massage and a Reflexology Treatment, the ultimate way to relax and be indulged.

130 minute treatment                                                                                                           £90


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