reflexology-pageWhat is reflexology

Reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese belief that energy flows around the body and acts as the life force maintaining balance and wellbeing so if the energy flow is blocked then illness may result affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Reflexology involves using the thumb and fingers to apply pressure to the feet or hands. There are points on the hands and feet that relate to organs, glands and systems of the body. These are known as reflex points; a reflex response happens when a point is stimulated in one area and it brings about a response in another area.

The feet mirror the body enabling us to map the organs of the body on the feet.

Reflexology is a holistic healing technique, which effectively means that a person’s mind, body and spirit are taken into account when giving a treatment. Reflexology aims to rebalance the body and aid detoxification of any waste products or toxins.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from reflexology, including babies and young children.

Benefits of reflexology

  • Helps you to relax
  • It cleanses and detoxifies the body as toxins are broken down and released into the system
  • Helps promote energy flow in the body
  • Helps to release endorphins which are the body’s mood lifting and pain relieving hormones that are released from the hypothalamus and brain.
  • It helps release serotonin from the brain which helps to lift mood
  • Helps improve muscle tone
  • Encourages the body to heal
  • Offers a sense of wellbeing
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves blood and circulation
  • Increase energy levels
  • Can help clients to cope with illness
  • Rebalances the whole body

Frequency of treatments

How frequent you need to have reflexology will depend on why you want it.

If it is for relaxation only then weekly or fortnightly will suffice. However, if you wish to focus on a particular condition then a treatment every 4-5 days initially will help to focus in on the condition over a concentrated period before moving onto less frequent treatments to maintain your health and wellbeing. This will be discussed with you during the initial consultation and will be tailored to your needs.

By far my personal favourite therapy for de-stressing and relaxing.


50 min treatment including mini foot spa                                                                         £30

Facial Reflexology    

Available in January 2018 (£35)

Reflexology for Fertility (And supporting female and male reproductive related conditions)reflexology-for-conception

Initial consultation for

One partner                                                                                                                            £35

Both partners                                                                                                                         £45


One person 50-60 mins                                                                                                        £35

Both Partners 2x 50-60 mins                                                                                               £55

*Partners do not need to attend together.

Reflexology – Supporting Maternity/Labourreflexology-supporting-conception

Reflexology during pregnancy can help the mother to be to relax, aid natural sleep and reduce stress and tension. It is safe throughout pregnancy and can help relieve a number of symptoms by balancing the key systems and support systems of the body.

The treatment is tailored to the three trimesters, with an emphasis on the endocrine system, which releases hormones, and will change as your pregnancy develops. Research studies have shown that reflexology during pregnancy can reduce pain in labour, reduce the first stage of labour and improve the quality of sleep in post-natal mothers.

50-60 minute treatment                                                                                                       £32

Reflexology Lymph Drainage    

Reflex lymph drainage is an alternative type of reflexology which focuses on the lymphatic system releasing blockages and improving sluggish circulation. It was developed for women who have had breast cancer and /or lymph nodes removed.

It is also excellent for people with oedema as it aids the release of the lymphatic fluid reducing inflammation.

60 minute treatment                                                                                                             £35

Chinese Foot Massagechinese-foot-massage

Chinese foot massage aims, through vigorous and deep massage of the reflexes to open up the body’s meridian channels, remove the qi, and bring back vitality into the reflexes.

The Chinese the foot is the second heart, as it is furthest away from the heart and for blood to return to the heart it needs to leave the lower limbs by muscle action in the feet and legs and be pumped back through the body.

This is a stimulating, uplifting and deep treatment.

50 minutes                                                                                                                              £30

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