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The treatments I currently offer are

Everyone has their favourite and my aim is to ensure that you leave feeling relaxed, rebalanced and rejuvenated, having achieved what you came to The Relaxology Room for.

So, what can you expect…

In order to tailor your treatment to you, we need to allow an extra 15 -20 minutes for the initial consultation and this is added on to ensure that you do not miss out on any of your treatment time. As part of the consultation I will ask about your health and lifestyle so I can then offer you a bespoke service.

Once this is done I will explain what is going to happen and leave you to get changed. In the summer there is a fan keeping the therapy room cool and in the cooler months the room is heated and the couch has an electric blanket on it making it snug and warm.

After your treatment you will be offered a drink and I will leave you to get changed. Once you are dressed I will discuss aftercare/ homecare with you and anything specific I may have picked up on during the treatment.

I will, if you are looking to have a course of treatments, advise you on the number of treatments but this is entirely down to personal choice.

Should you decide to take up a course of treatments please see the course costs under the specific therapies.

You may choose to mix and match treatments or have a double treatment which is bliss.

After your first treatment any additional ones include a brief review of anything that may have changed since your last treatment and I then adjust the next one accordingly.

Whilst I aim to accept everyone there are some contra-indications that need to be considered so please give me a call if you are unsure whether you can have a treatment and I will be able to advise you.

The information below may act as a guide.


  • If you are feeling unwell.
  • Fever with a temperature
  • Contagious diseases or infections including skin conditions

Conditions which may require GP/medical approval, this does not mean I cannot offer you a service but you may need the GP’s approval or just to talk to me. A pro-forma letter is available to download if required.

  • Asthma
  • Acute Nervous complaints or mental health problems
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart & circulatory conditions
  • Internal organ conditions i.e. kidney conditions
  • First trimester of pregnancy
  • Post-operative (may be time dependent)
  • Recent fractures or sprains

Some of these ailments are known as local contra-indications i.e. circulatory may be bruising, varicose veins or may be managed by mainstream medical intervention i.e. high or low blood pressure, diabetes and can be worked around. So, please do not be put off by the list as there is usually a solution close at hand.

This is a generic list and each therapy will have additional cautions specific to it but these can be discussed during our first contact.

*Please note I do not offer a service to anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs and I do not offer sexual services so please do not ask.

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